CJS Builders

We Make It Easy For Our Clients To Look Good


As a full service General Contractor, Construction Management, and Consulting Firm, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and professionalism in the New York Metropolitan area. We are members of the US Green Building Council, and we have worked on numerous LEED certified projects as well.

We have a clear vision when we start a project. Our vision is always indistinguishable from our client’s vision.

We offer comprehensive construction services through all phases of a project, from beginning to end. We evaluate the project potential and constructability before we begin so we can maximize our resources. Principle involvement and the experience of our professionals are what make us the first and only choice for our clients.

In 2007 the need was recognized in NYC for a midsize high end professional quality construction company who provides unparalleled service. Since 2007, we have been offering our clients a wide range of services including general contracting, construction management, pre-construction services, construction administration, and facilities management and maintenance.


July 2014 we relocated to a larger, more convenient, Midtown location.

Our new offices are better situated to accommodate our NYC clients and our expanding staff.


Take a look at our new office space.

Our staff of construction professionals is experienced in the construction of corporate facilities, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, retail establishments and high-end residences and galleries.

Utilizing the latest construction techniques and state of the art Timberline project tracking and accounting software, we are able to plan, estimate, schedule, track and administer all phases of the construction process in the most efficient ways possible.

At CJS Builders, we recognize the challenges of the construction industry and the expectations of our clientele and we approach every project with the sense of urgency, integrity and professionalism that our clients demand.

The CJS Builders Team brings over 125 years of collective relevant experience in constructing commercial interiors in New York City Metropolitan Area.

Our team has successfully completed major projects for such high profile and demanding Clients as Barclays Capital, Chase Manhattan Bank, Gucci, Rockrose Development, Delias Inc., Michael Kors, David Yurman Jewelers, The VF Companies, Heritage Galleries, School of Visual Arts, Saudi Petroleum, and Stifel Nicolaus.

The Ownership of CJS has long standing personal relationships with our Subcontractors and suppliers. As a result, our Clients reap the benefits of a response to a job related issue or manpower requirement being literally just a phone call away.

Principal involvement is not a sales tool for CJS Builders, it is the foundation of our Business.

In order for any project to succeed, the project team needs to work together as a unit. It is the responsibility of the entire Team to ensure that all team members, including selected client vendors, meet each of the project’s milestones; while achieving the design intent within the client’s means.


Immediately upon award to the successful general Contractor, it will be the responsibility of the Contractor to mobilize key trades, whose activities would be integral to the design and development process in terms of coordinating field conditions and identifying possible irregularities. The results of these evaluations will then be incorporated into the project’s final Construction Documents.


To assure build-out of the project within the defined time parameters, the General Contractor will, during the immediate mobilization period, identify to the design team a list of requirements and materials that must be specified, bid, awarded and purchased before the completion of the design process in order to complete the project on time.


Achieving a project’s end date is paramount to CJS BUILDERS. To assure a project is completed on time, each subcontractor is sold a detailed construction schedule with clearly defined start and end dates for each trades’ construction activities.

Mandatory subcontractor meetings are held weekly with a primary focus on the coordination between trades adherence to the project schedule. Any trade noted to be behind schedule will be required to work overtime at their own expense and/or compensate and subsequent trade for premium costs to maintain their contracted completion dates.

Also, during the construction phase of the project, CJS BUILDERS will either chair or co-chair weekly project meeting with The Client, The Design Team, and The Client’s vendors. CJS will present to the project team the status of long lead / shop drawing submittals and approvals, review open RFI’s, review changes to the base contract, advise on the progress of construction and provide a look ahead with respect to the project team’s coordination and upcoming construction activities.


Closeout procedures and the set-up of on-going routine maintenance activities will be a focus from the outset of construction to assure the project’s success.

A sample list of these activities is as follows:

  • Plan, coordinate and carry-out the start-up, testing and commissioning of all normal, emergency and critical power systems, HVAC and BMS systems as approved by the design engineers.
  • Complete all CJS BUILDERS, client, architectural and engineering punchlists.
  • Issuance of as-built drawings, owner manuals and warranties.
  • Maintenance and training classes will be performed.
  • Perform controlled inspections and obtain all sign-offs from the Department of Buildings.
  • Set up on-going maintenance programs for typical data center equipment, such as Electrical distribution equipment, Emergency generator, UPS systems, AC Units, etc.
  • Arrange and coordinate the delivery and storage of client attic stock material and goods.