Dream It – Design It – Build It

You are passionate about your business and work every day to make it a success.  You have a vision of where you want to go next. To take your dream from a vision to reality, you are going to need a partner that understands the scope of your project and has the expertise to get the job done.

CJS is a full service General Contractor, Construction Management, and Consulting Firm whose success has been based on the simple idea of capturing the essence of our client’s vision and working cooperatively to make it a reality.

CJS has helped clients reach their goals by following the three simple principals of a successful project:

  • Constructability – Understanding and overcoming the challenges and obstacles that will fit your dream into your space
  • Budget – Developing, and managing the budget and ensuring that the design conforms to that budget.
  • Schedule – Setting the day you can open your doors to your clients, and ensuring that date is met.

“A partnership comes from each entity having a share of the responsibility and a stake in the outcome. CJS works hand in hand with clients to ensure that the team is successful.”