Michael Kors - SoHo Flagship

520 Broadway – NY, NY

This is the largest store in the World for the International Luxury Retailer – 22,000 sf

  • The building is one of the few remaining Cast Iron & terracotta Landmark buildings in the heart of SoHo.
  • This five floor store consists of three full sales floors consisting of the Brand’s first freestanding Men’s shop, Women’s Accessories and Women’s Ready to wear divisions, a full floor of back of house areas and a sub-level for structure and MEP systems.
  • A new LPC approved storefront system and facade windows were installed
  • A full restoration of the cast iron and stone building facade was performed front and back.
  • Eleven interior cast iron columns were removed to allow the installation of the new monumental staircase and to allow better visibility and flow of traffic within the store.
  • In order to remove these columns the entire building was shored up and lifted by ½” to take the load off of the columns for removal.
  • 48” tall x 18” wide x 30’ long plate girders were installed at the front and rear facades to transfer the loads from the removed interior columns to the newly installed perimeter columns. 250,000 lbs of steel were added to the building to accommodate this work.
  • The entire facade of the front and rear facade of the building up to the third floor was removed and reinstalled to accommodate the shoring of the building and the rigging of the new structural steel.
  • A 160 cubic yard mat slab was poured in the sub-cellar of the building to reinforce the perimeter walls and newly installed three story columns.
  • The work was performed within 6 feet of the NYC subway and with the approval of the MTA
  • A new three story monumental staircase made of Polished stainless steel, stone and glass was fabricated in Spain and installed at the rear of the store and an atrium was created from the first to third floors.
  • Custom Venetian stucco with inlaid stainless steel trim surrounds the staircase walls.
  • A new 35’ x 10’ skylight was installed that spans the entire width of the building at the first floor rear setback.
  • A new convenience staircase was installed between the second and third floors to allow access to the third floor stock room.
  • Two large custom video walls were installed at the stair landings, each consisting of 35 individual screens. These walls display MK content on them which along with the state of the art sound system provide the store with the energy that is MK’s brand.
  • All HVAC, Electric, Plumbing and life safety systems were installed throughout.
  • Millwork and store fixtures are adorned with polished stainless steel, stone, Macassar and fabrics throughout the three sales floors.
  • A custom built pool table and bar give the men’s shop give that sales floor a specific brand feel.
  • Stone floors with inlaid chevron pattern wood floor and zebra carpets were installed throughout the sales floors.